What time is check-in and check-out?

We ask our guests to check-in from 4pm and Check-out is before 10.30am, this gives us the time  we need to prepare the Den and all the off-grid elements.

Is there somewhere safe for my dog to run?

Yes, the cabin sits in about 1/3 acre which is fenced with stock fencing so all but the most determined dog will be safe. The Den also looks out onto  a 3 1/2 acre meadow which has tracks cut through exclusively for our guests to exercise their dogs.

Is there a pub within walking distance of The Den?

You can walk into Cardigan, it's about 1 mile, where there's a good choice of eateries but we're in the country so there aren't any pavements or street lights.  Walking in the dark isn't recommended! Taxis are from about £7 from Cardigan to here, a bit more in the evening.

Do I need to bring sheets and towels?

No, we provide all bedding, fluffy towels and  shower mat. You only need to bring towels to use outside i.e  if you're going to the beach or surfing( and of course if you're bringing your dog to dry him/her off) You'll also need your dog's bed and any blankets they use.

Will my car be parked off road?

Yes, you'll be parking your car on our gated drive in your own bay near the house.

Is the Den near any houses?

No, the nearest house is ours which is about 100m away up a slope and it isn't visible at all. We are secluded but not isolated here so in the winter it's possible to see other properties which are scattered around but none that are near or overlook the den.

Is the shower hot?

We go to great lengths to keep the compost such that it's constantly breaking down and creating heat which  penetrates through the pipes to the water. It's very much dependent on the energy in the grass and the outside temperature. The temperature of the water is usually over 60deg, steaming hot, however there are occasions when it's not steaming but it's safe to say that to date it's always been at least a pleasant temperature to shower. If we have a period below 0 deg, we offer the use of the ground floor shower room up at the house.

Is the compost loo smelly?

We have a separator system within the loo so when the compost remains dry, even in the hottest of weather, the odour is negligible. Our many guests who have stayed at the cabin for up to a week, have left wonderful reviews (see below)  none of which have negatively mentioned the shower or the loo and they are probably the best judge .